Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Long Boarding Videos

The first one is crazy, every time i watch it i am in disbelief.

These guys are absolutely crazy. The fact that they are actually easily passing cars just displays the speed they are going. I am confused how they don't get any speed wobbles. I was thinking about this video a couple days ago and i thought to myself if i were ever to bomb a hill this crazy theres no way i could focus while carrying a camera and passing it back and forth. I used to think there is no use for a helmet but after watching the pros i understand that it is just stupid not to wear one while bombing hills like these.

This one has excellent editing along with a nice song. Its not as raw as the other one but just as entertaining. The slides this guy can do are crazy, taking a 5 mph turn on a longboard, while probably going around 20 is pretty insane. the rider in this video is Kyle Chin.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Board

So i have always been interested in Longboarding and art. I am still not a great artist, lack of practice and too much time spent playing video games and drinking are some of the things i attribute this too. But about 5 years ago i decided that the stock picture on the bottom of my board just wasn't cool enough. It was some random wave with a surfer or something. So i decided to sand it down and paint something of my own. This was 5 years ago and i only painted a small portion of it and then got bored after it dried and decided fuck it i'll put it back together because i want to skate it now. 
That caused me to procrastinate for the next 5 years and finally I decided to say f it and finish it at last. It took me a bit of time to get everything i want and i am still not 100% satisfied but i am atleast content with it. Its better than having a sanded down board or even some stock photo of a wave. Tell me what you think about it, also subscribe and leave comments of your blog link.